David and goliath homework

Plan your Advent lessons with this Advent Activity Pack. In this lesson plan you will help your students summarize the story of David and Goliath in the Bible and make connections between the meaning of the story and their lives. The story is often told as a classic tale of an underdog defeating a great champion, but there is so much more to the story than this. David defeated Goliath because of his faith in God. There are a lot of retellings of the David and Goliath story that miss the most essential part of the story: God helps David defeat Goliath.

God saved him. Since the story is so popular, have the students share what they know about it before reading. Ask them to summarize what they remember. Then, as you read, point out some of the often-missed details of the story.

When you finish reading the story, have the students draw a quick comic strip with stick figures to show they can recall the most important parts of the story. Then, have them work in pairs or groups to retell the story using the pictures in their comic strips. I created this short video to summarize the David and Goliath story, but also to explain the Christian meaning for us today.

The focus of the rest of this lesson will be on the spiritual meaning of the David and Goliath story:. Use this David and Goliath worksheet to help your students reflect on these questions about the story:. The David and Goliath story is a story about the strength of faith. Give your students some quiet time to sit in prayer with the Lord.

You can give them some time for spontaneous, quiet prayer or offer these simple prayers for them to say to increase their faith and turn to God for help:. The objectives in this lesson were for your students to be able to summarize the David and Goliath story and explain its spiritual meaning.

On a personal level, we want them to feel determined to rely on God to defeat the Goliaths in their lives. Have your students write a version of this story with themselves as the hero. A simple set of written paragraphs will work or students might draw comic strips to save time.

Here are some other popular David and Goliath activities that might help you prepare your lesson:. Whether you are a veteran teacher or in your first year, this guide provides a step by step process to effective lesson planning and provides suggestions for activities and teaching strategies.

Newest Resources.Through his faith in God, David was able to overcome what others thought impossible.

Brilliant David and Goliath Lesson for Kids

Whenever we talk about this Bible account, we always talk about David defeating Goliath with 5 smooth stones. And wow, it is an amazing account! David was a shepherd. God had a plan for him: to one day be King.

This victory over Goliath is truly a story of the strong faith in God of young boy and of him following God's plan for him. God has a plan for each of us Jeremiah Talk with the children about this strong faith. Let the Theme planning begin! You can either scroll down through this page to see all of the preschool activities for your theme or click the link below to go to specific preschool activity types you are looking for.

Provide small paper lunch bags brown or white and markers, yarn for hair, googly eyes, glue. The children make a David and Goliath paper bag to act the story out with.

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Collect medium sized stones smooth ones. The children paint their own "5 smooth stones". David had a gift and that gift saved his people from Goliath's army.

David and Goliath Lesson Plan & Activities

We all have gifts. Encourage the children to paint using watercolor a picture of what their gift is. What are they good at? Helping others? It was an important job to keep track of an entire flock of sheep! Add toy sheep and people shepherds to your block area. Also, add some cotton balls for fun! Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Whenever we talk about David and Goliath, we always talk about David defeating Goliath with 5 smooth stones. In this David and Goliath account, we find that David was brave. He knew that God was with him during this time. Talk to the children about things they are afraid of. List these things on a large piece of paper.

david and goliath homework

It will be very helpful for the children to realize they are not the only ones with fears. Then, talk about how children can overcome some of these fears. Children are so wonderful at making suggestions to help each other! List these solutions on the chart paper also.When you teach the David and Goliath lesson in Sunday School you are talking about one of the most popular stories of all time. Put the Goliath cut out at the end of one table and have kids stand on the other side.

Kids will try to bounce ping bong balls and knock over Goliath. The ping pong ball must bounce at least twice. The first person to knock Goliath over wins. Now, at lot of you, maybe even all of you are going to know this story backwards, forwards, and upside down. The Philistine army is headed toward Israel.

They have one purpose, and it is to divide Israel up into two. If the nation of Israel is split into multiple parts it becomes weaker…and that would be, mission accomplished. So King Saul, who remember last week, is still the king, marches his army toward the incoming Philistine army. He wants to cut them off before they can march any closer. The armies of Israel on the northern ridge, the Philistine army on the Southern ridge.

And then…nobody moves. Neither army wants to retreat and neither amy wants to charge into battle…at least not yet. So the Philistine army sends down their mightiest warrior into the valley floor, and he calls out to the Israelites. For days Goliath taunts them. Calling anyone who will listen to him to come down and fight him…to the death. If they win, the Philistines will surrender…if Goliath wins, all of Israel will become the servants of the Philistine army.

Slaves for the rest of their lives. As you might imagine, no one in the Israelite army was really excited about fighting Goliath…it kinda seemed like a death wish.

The same brothers who got passed over to be king Hearing and seeing Goliath David immediately volunteers to fight him. Now many of you know what happens next…. Most of you know that David takes his sling, with a stone inside and kills Goliath when the stone lands in his forehead.

But almost all of us think of David as using some sort of kids toy. Slingers, as they were called in ancient times, were really, really, really good with this simple weapon. That means they could hit a target 2 football fields away from them. First of all, the stones in the valley of Elah were…. They were made of barium sulphate which means they were twice as dense as normal stones. You are talking about a seriously deadly weapon.

We are talking about a devastating weapon. God was showing us something about David… and something about Saul. He laughed. And he tried to give David his armor. David trusted God that what he had was enough. David trusted God no matter what was happening in the world around him, and that was something that God wanted in a leader. God always has our best interest at heart, and He has our future in mind. We can be a little shepherd with just a slingshot and a rock, and God will use us to defeat the biggest giant in the world.

What did Goliath tell the Israelites?This week we continue looking a David and focus on David and Goliath. Our passage is found in 1 Samuel Some of the main points we will focus on are:. David remembered God was bigger than any giant.

Lesson walkthrough and overview. Also included is a 2 page printable printable story. You can use this lesson guide to recap the story or use as a bedtime story. Begin by reminding your child of Samuel anointing David as the next king of Israel. Remind them how even though David was anointed king he had to wait a long time before he was king. Share how he went back to looking after the sheep. Explain how he was too young to go to battle.

So, he stayed at home to look after the sheep while his brother went to fight. Read 1 Samuel with your child and make it as interactive as possible. Have your child measure themselves against it.

david and goliath homework

Ask them if they would be scared to fight someone this size? Remind them how David remembered that God was even bigger than Goliath.

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Talk about how God is bigger than all the problems we face. Explain how everyone thought that David was too small to fight Goliath.

david and goliath homework

Even Goliath thought it was a joke when David went out to fight him. Remind your child that they are never too small or too weak for God to use. Just like David, God has a plan for them and all they need to do is trust and obey God. Collect some adult clothing and have the child try to wear it. Have them try to complete some simple activities while wearing the clothes. For example, eating some food with a jumper that is too long.

Walking across a room wearing large trousers or shoes and so on. Your child will most likely find it fun, but you can show them it makes it difficult. Remind your child, that faith and gifts are individual. Make a list of some things your child can be thankful for that God has blessed them with. Food to eat, getting well after they were sick and so on. This weeks lesson includes:. You could either provide them with stone or take them out to collect some and place in their bag.

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Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. Kids will learn that they can win victories for God at any age. David and Goliath.

David and Goliath – Preschool Bible lesson

With God's help, kids can do big things for God. The entire Israelite army was afraid to go up against the Philistine giant, Goliath. But a kid named David stepped up to face the giant. With five smooth stones and an incredible faith in God, David was victorious. With your help, every kid can do great things. Help us to have faith and courage to do big things for your kingdom. Set an example for the believers in what you say and in how you live.

Also set an example in how you love and in what you believe. Show the believers how to be pure. Put the verse on the big screen and read it aloud several times with the kids. Ask the kids what they think the writer was trying to say when he wrote these words.

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david and goliath homework

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