Business continuity plan manufacturing company

Modern manufacturing operations are running leaner than ever before. While this is great for cash flow and the bottom line, it can make responding to a business disruption next to impossible. Learn what really affects the manufacturing industry and how to prepare. A serious crisis or disaster can irrevocably impair or destroy the largest company.

According to Labor Department statistics, more than 40 percent of companies hit by a serious crisis or disaster never resume operations. Of those that do, another 25 percent fail within two years.

Simply stated, business continuity planning BCP means making informed decisions about risk. Understanding the full implications of the risks you face, knowing your organization's tolerance for risk exposure, and developing organizationwide response plans for various scenarios are essential components of BCP. The scope and complexity are challenging for most business models, but for manufacturers, planning for possible business interruptions can be daunting.

Whether you are faced with a toxic waste spill on site or a September type event that closes down transportation lanes, a manufacturer's supply chain compounds both risk and recovery complexity.

The enterprise resource planning ERP that helped increase throughput and made capital available for more profitable non-inventory uses now works against you, adding its own constraints. Minimizing negative customer impact requires immediate coordination, both throughout the organization and across the supply chain. Driven by competitive pressures, the leaning of manufacturing that has occurred over the last decade has forced the virtual elimination of safety stocks, excess plant capacity, and the human resources that, if present, could buffer a disaster's effect on the bottom line.

Critical Challenges for Manufacturers American manufacturers today must fully employ the engineering, processing, and logistical capacities of their entire supply chains. America's drive toward customer responsiveness and business process and supply chain optimization must be as relentless as our foreign competitors'.

Developing strategies for responding to supply chain disruptions is particularly important because sustainable competitive advantage is typically driven by increased responsiveness and cost minimization. Even though we realize the inverse relationship between risk and efficiency, supply chain planning must also consider customer satisfaction.

From a strategic viewpoint, we have a triangle of competing objectives:. Balancing these competing priorities means that it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely.

Managing the tradeoffs between responsiveness, efficiencies, and survivability must balance high-level organizational strategic imperatives against the ground-floor interplay of people, processes, and technology from inputting new customer orders to crediting the receipt of payment to a customer account.

Integrated systems such as ERP facilitate tighter supply chain couplings, resulting in shorter business process cycle times, improved customer service, and numerous operational efficiencies.

Market Realities Meet Legal Implications Manufacturing organizations depend on the continual flow of product to meet customer expectations, financial obligations, and business objectives--and even to achieve regulatory compliance.

Manufacturers can possibly face stiff penalties or cancellation of orders if they fail to ship on time, and in the correct quantities. Unplanned business interruptions from disasters or crisis events can, over time, result in serious financial liquidity problems, increased operating costs, loss of stock value, and erosion of market share.

Further, a company may be obligated to continue receiving raw material and parts shipments per existing purchasing agreements. Failure to prepare strategies and processes to manage such threats expose a company and its upper management team to legal sanctions and financial jeopardy. Employing the common law "prudent man rule," courts can hold senior corporate managers responsible for actions they should have taken to prepare for, and respond to, operational emergencies.By which time, the retail store chain had already found an alternate supplier.

The pastry confectioner went out of business. Customer needs take precedence over everything else.

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The majority of crisis situations have a relatively negligible impact on operations and most emergency teams have predefined plans that can adequately respond to these hazards. However, experts suggest that enterprises will have to confront at least one large scale disaster of catastrophic proportions every five years. The impact of such events can be devastating. Recovery from such widespread destruction is a long drawn process that spans over many years.

In extreme cases, many commercial establishments suffer major losses in revenue, lose business from important clients, or even shut down permanently, never to resume operations again. Preparing against such disasters is vital for the company, especially in the case of industries such as manufacturing where facilities are installed with heavy machinery and equipment that have a minuscule margin for deviation. This is to say nothing of the risk that can be hazarded to life and safety of personnel in the event of failures or malfunction.

Business entities are constantly vulnerable to a variety of threats that are caused by the environment and human intervention such as:.

Many of these threats can imply dire and irreparable consequences for the organization if not dealt with decisively. Emergency teams must have a plan that can be readily deployed the moment a disaster occurs. Notwithstanding the practical considerations while executing a crisis response, outlining a recovery strategy after a disruption erupts is not highly recommended, given the high levels of tension and panic that unfold during such events.

While manufacturing companies have an organizational structure that, in general terms, resemble businesses in other industries, some specific problems such as supply chain disruptions and lack of assets, resources and skilled personnel become more critical in this sector, considering the nature of operations entailed.

Business resiliency begins with averting operational hazards that can hamper production. Formalizing these goals and objectives through written policies and SLAs can ensure both client and manufacturer are on the same page.

Logistical issues, IT infrastructural failures and defective goods that compromise safety are some of the common factors that impact the manufacturing industry. But the last ten years has seen the business landscape become increasingly volatile and erratic. The impact on productivity is the primary concern for any manufacturing establishment and the prime objective is to manufacture as many quality units of merchandize as possible with the least expenditure. And towards this end, many manufacturers introduced manufacturing methodologies such as LEAN and inventory strategies such as Just in Time.

While these practices have increased efficiency and reduced operational budgets, the extent to which an emergency can impact business has also increased. For instance, a corporation with multiple sites might look at cutting down costs by moving its production from all the sites to a single location that has the infrastructural capabilities to handle such large volumes of output. But although the company is saving money and increasing profits, the commercial implications of a crisis situation at this single location would be much more.

Earlier, the organization could fall back on any of its multiple production facilities if one center was affected. This in turn would imply more investments in terms of assets, technology, personnel, training and so on.

There are two primary options to preventing supply chain issues. The first is by prioritizing urgent needs and seeing through the purchase of materials to meet monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly production demands.

These can be effectuated as standalone transactions. The second option is to negotiate contractually binding lock-ins with tier 1 and tier 2 vendors for a tenure that lasts at least five to ten years.

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Airline manufacturers should carefully assess the product portfolio of third party partners to gauge future needs and the supply of backup materials. Collaboration with third party business associates is essential while deciding on a strategy to tackle risks such as inflation, economic crisis, market downturns and so on. Even in the event of twin production lines being available, due excessive customer demands, the manufacturer is obliged to consider how the center will cope with delivery requirements if one of the two units fails.

No plan is one hundred percent comprehensive. Even the most detailed and well thought out business continuity and disaster recovery model would have overlooked a risk or two.A business continuity plan BCP for organizations in the manufacturing industry is critical to their success.

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Manufacturing companies need to have strategic plans in place to ensure that disruptions are avoided in the areas of staffing, supplies and machinery. With the threat of weather-related emergencies, vendor and operations risk, and cybercrime; an effective BCP will help mitigate risk to limit both financial and reputational loss.

business continuity plan manufacturing company

Many manufacturers may also have multiple locations so keeping track of all data in one software solution will save time, energy and money. Most manufacturers are susceptible to risks due to long and complex supply chains. Also, the more suppliers a company has, the greater the risk. If machinery or operations are comprised, are not compliant with regulatory standards or are shut down, the outcome can be devastating. It allows for proprietary and custom reporting on all fields to objectively manage risk and keep threats in check.

The crisis management feature allows for a comprehensive action plan including key personnel to be notified immediately. The software allows the client to include outside vendors in their Recovery Timeframe Objectives RTOs based on potential impact.

Further, it measures revenue loss, increased cost, and reputational damage so your organization can mitigate these factors before they become detrimental.

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Business Continuity Planning in Manufacturing: Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario

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business continuity plan manufacturing company

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business continuity plan manufacturing company

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Business Continuity in the Manufacturing Industry

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business continuity plan manufacturing company

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